Still here


Sorry for the extreme lack of updates, unfortunately Flexplaylist 0.5.0 is not out yet. Things I worked on in the meantime:

  • FlexPlaylist 0.5.0 of course, finally added support for translations
  • Noatun, added support for reading shoutcast stream titles, it will appear in KDE 3.3 and I have an unreleased patch for KDE 3.2
  • Floodcast, it’s back. I got my hands on the last Floodcast code and made it working with current Noatun versions plus I added support for forwarding. This is by far the most comfortable shoutcast-plugin I’ve seen (compared to the ones for XMMS)
  • Kopete, after a longer break I’m finally back at it too. Work so far includes some API fscking in libkopete and incorporating a cool RTF patch into OSCAR. Now you can finally see the ugly fonts and colors your friends use
  • MediaControl, no news due to the stuff mentioned before, I plan to make some more things configurable and move at least Noatun to a DCOP-signal API so mediacontrol does not poll Noatun but instead gets informed about changes

Btw, I hope to release most of the above projects soon (except for Kopete of course, which has a time-schedule of its own).