Projects left over


Ok, my exams are over now and I can do more on all the stuff I’m working on. Currently I plan to put effort into:

  • KLCC, fix as many bugs as possible and do a (KDE 3.2 only) release
  • FlexPlaylist, maybe the long awaited 0.5 (but with no translations due to lack of help)
  • Floodcast 0.1.0 - Including a history for shoutcast servers you streamed to
  • kdelirc - Not a project of mine but rather unmaintained and urging one or two important features

The following projects are abandoned by me now: KNetLoad (there’s another port of it and the only plus mine has is being a kicker-applet). Kopete (I’m using Licq again, Kopete was wasting more time than anything else and still the outcome was incredible low).