Time for some ice(cream)


As it’s getting too quiet in here I’m going to do a small status report what I’m working on or why I’m not working at all:

  • MediaControl: just added mpd-supported to it, many thanks go to William Robinson for all the work he put into this patch
  • FlexPlaylist: is more or less dead, the code was getting to chaotic and I broke my port to Noatun3 without having a backup
  • SimplePlaylist: I started writing a new playlist from scratch featuring a sqlite-backend, it will hopefully be part of Noatun3
  • Floodcast: put on ice until I have finished the Engine-API for Noatun3 so I can port it over as well
  • Noatun3: a mostly rewritten Noatun version scheduled for KDE 4, it’s in kde subversion-repository, as is simpleplaylist

Apart from that I’m currently busy with writing university exams and, after that, start a “Praktikum”, no holidays for me in 2005.

At least the weather is fine over here so I’ll stop writing stuff and get me some icecream now.