FlexPlaylist 0.4.9 and QLineControl 0.1 released


Time to announce QLineControl 0.1 officially as I uploaded both the sourcecode and windows-binaries now (Debian packages have been available for some days already).

I also did a (last?) release of FlexPlaylist, 0.4.9 changes were

  • FIX: Use a more natural order when adding folders recursively (go into subfolders before adding files from the current folder)
  • Use standard icons for player controls in statusbar
  • Draw player controls in statusbar using drawing functions provided by the currently selected KDE-/QT-style.
  • FIX: More reliable detection of the playlist-windows being visible
  • Add a simple configure check for Noatun headers and abort if they were not found
  • Add debian packaging

For Noatun 3 I’m still a bit uncertain about which way to go. I can either stick to playlist files like in FlexPlaylist or improve further on SimplePlaylist which uses sqlite as its data-storage.