About Ports, Apples and more


Yes, I’m still alive, unfortunately university is occupying most of my time right now. Nevertheless I managed to update this site to Wordpress 2.2 and managed to make it look somewhat right, even on broken browsers (i.e. Internet Explorer)

On the porting side I just managed to fix the swap-display in GKrellM on Windows. So far the values were just bad guesswork and started to look completely wrong after I installed 3gb memory. Eventually I’ll put up a zip so people can test GKrellM on Windows before 2.0.11 is out.

QLineControl also had some progress, most notably I managed to compile it on Mac OS X thanks to the MacBook I got for testing purposes (have to bring it back to university next week). This of course brings me to the next topic: what kind of laptop to buy this time (my old one died last year). So far bets are on for:

Getting a Mac would allow me to develop and port applications for OS X but this would also imply more work because of yet another OS. Quite a complex decision IMO (plus I dislike the white MacBook case).