Development on a Mac


Today I installed Eclipse 3.3RC4 and CDT 4.0RC3 in the hope that it wouldn’t be as dog slow as Eclipse had been on the MacBook I lent from university few weeks ago. Fortunately trying it out again was a huge success. Code completion works like a charm, as does the rest I tested so far.

My testing project was QLineControl which even made its way into a universal binary now (i.e. it will run on PowerPC-based machines running OS X as well).

Next is getting Qt 4.3 copied into the application-bundle so one can install QLineControl as easy as usual: drag it into the Applications folder and be done. Furthermore I plan to make QLineControl feel a bit more mac-like, right now it feels a bit weird compared to most other apps. For instance it shouldn’t quit just because you happened to close its mainwindow.