The Software on this page is not maintained anymore

About FlexPlaylist

An attempt to create a playlist for Noatun that suits users used to WinAmp or XMMS style playlists. Many people just don’t use Noatun because they don’t like the playlists and thus I decided to make my own one.


Main Window Preferences Dialog


  • Choose own font and size instead of KDE-defaults
  • Allows hiding of menubar, list-header, statusbar and toolbar to save space
  • Shows mimetype-icon in first column
  • Context-sensitive menu (also known as rightclick popupmenu) for common actions
  • Uses extended m3u playlistformat as native format instead of slower xml (it can still load xml-playlists)
  • configurable keyboard-shortcuts for most actions
  • Uses alternating colors in listview
  • Status-bar showing playtime of currently played title, overall playlist time and no. of playlist items
  • Optional display of play controls in the statusbar
  • “Jump to”-dialog that lets you easily find files in huge playlists
  • Auto-resize columns, time takes as much space as needed, title column takes the rest
  • Ignores files that can’t be played by Noatun when trying to add them to the list


The latest version of FlexPlaylist is 0.4.9.


Older versions are not available anymore in order to save some space.