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About GKrellM

GKrellM is a system-monitor for Unix written by Bill Wilson. Its original homepage can be found at Some time ago, Bill Nalens ported GKrellM to Windows but abandoned the port in 2002. Because I’m using GKrellM for remote-monitoring and always have been a huge fan of this helpful tool I decided to get it running on Windows again.


Because this is just a port and not a new application you should probably take a look at the GKrellM Homepage for the current list of features. Some things the Windows version has/lacks are

  • Added tray icon
  • Missing local mail support (mainly because Windows has no local mail)
  • Reads hardware sensors using MBM or SpeedFan


Mainwindow Transparent Mainwindow


  • Windows 2000 / 2003 Server / XP / Vista or newer (reported to work on 2000, XP and Vista)
  • Gtk+ Runtime Environment 2.10.12 or newer (the GKrellM-installer contains a copy of GTK+)
  • Optional, either MBM or SpeedFan for reading hardware sensors


There are two ways to install GKrellM:

  1. The easy one: Grab the latest gkrellm-x.x.x-setup.exe. It will install GKrellM and contains a copy of GTK+ so you don’t have to install anything else.
  2. The advanced one: Install the GTK+ Runtime Environment using an automated installer (thanks to Alexander Shaduri for these). Afterwards either grab gkrellm-x.x.x-setup.exe and untick “Gtk+ Runtime” or just unpack anywhere and use that.

Known Problems

These are the known bugs so far. Please tell me if you find anything else.

  • Needs admin privileges on Windows Vista and crashes without them (fixed in next release).
  • The proc/system-load chart does not reflect system load properly.
  • Pink dots are shown around text on top of transparent areas if antialising is turned on in Windows. Possible workaround::
    • Do not use transparent themes for now
    • Choose a pixel-font instead of a truetype font
    • Disable antialiasing in Windows
  • Date fields in the network statistics window are empty (fixed in next release, thanks to Stefan Lukacovic for reporting).
  • A memory leak exists in the tcp statistics code (fixed in next release, thanks to Mark Roman for reporting)


The latest release for GKrellM on Windows is 2.3.2. For sources please visit, most Windows specific changes are part of normal gkrellm releases.

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